Remote Envenomation Consultancy Services RECS was developed to assist healthcare providers at various levels of clinical management for bites/stings envenoming from venomous animals and poisoning from naturally occurring toxins. Remote Envenomation Consultancy Services is a 24hr ‘on-call’ consultation service and training provider, mainly but not exclusively, for healthcare profesaionals since 2010. This unique service was officially established in early 2012. RECS originated in Malaysia and was initially made up of Emergency Physicians and members of MST with a special interest in Clinical Toxinology. The efforts of RECS has made a huge impact in patient's care, and is recognized and supported by MST and the Ministry of Health. The main objective of RECS is to enhance a favorable outcome by optimizing and advocating appropriate treatment modalities at every level of clinical management.

Consultation was initially established through telephone calls, email and various forms of short text messaging systems. Smart mobile communication device is now essential for the consultation procedure. Various consultation groups have been created on WhatsApp exclusively for Doctors and Pharmacists from various healthcare facilities. The inclusion of AI into the recent development of MyRECS Mobile App will revolutionise RECS consult ion protocol in the near future.

RECS consultants have grown in numbers through mentorship and fellowship training and expanded its role to include consultants from ASEAN countries. To become RECS ASEAN Consultant, one must demonstrate a strong interest in Clinical Toxinology and must complete several training requirement. The candidate's nomination must be proposed and supported by RECS Consultant Members. The nomination must then be approved by a majority vote of the RECS Council.

The minimal training requirement are:

1. Graduated as a medical specialist

2. Successfully completed a lists of related compulsory courses/symposium:

  • First Aid for Snakebite Course FACS
  • First Aid for Marine Envenoming course FAME
  • SnakebitebEnvenoming Management course SEM
  • Marine Envenoming & Poisoning course MEP
  • Arthropods Bites & Stings course ABS
  • Mushroom Poisoning Management course MPM
  • Short Course on Clinical Toxinology (SCCT) 
  • ASEAN Marine animals & Snake Envenoming Management Symposium AMSEM

3. Active Membership of:

  • Malaysian Society on Toxinology MST
  • International Society of Toxinology IST (optional) 

The RECS ASEAN Council was formed on 7th February 2020 following the 1st Standardisation Workshop of RECS Educational Programs in Langkawi, Malaysia. RECS ASEAN becomes the platform for the development of the ASEAN Fellowship of Clinical Toxinology (AFCT) program. In the near future, all RECS Consultants are fellows of AFCT.

RECS Council 
(February - September 2020)

Dr Zainalabidin Mohamed@Ismail 

Honorable Secretary
Dr Francis Bonn Blanco

Dr Ruth Sabrina Safferi 

Founder Advisor
Dr Ahmad Khaldun Ismail

Council Members

Dr Anisah Adnan

Dr Mohd Shukruddeen Salleh

Dr Patrick Joseph Tiglao

Dr Emelia Santamaria

Dr dr Tri Maharani


Dr Azhana Hassan

Dr Reza Murad Qamruddin

Dr Aida Nur Sharini

Dr Yvonne Teo Chiang Hoon

Dr Razak Daud

Dr Noredelina Mohd Noor

Dr Mohd Zaki Fadzil Senik

Dr Anas Amri Hashim

Dr John David Comandante


Dr Joerg Blesmann

Dr Myat Thet Nwe

Dr Doan Uyen Vyi(Vanessa)

Dr Taufik Abdullah

RECS Educational Activities
RECS@MST conducts various workshops/seminars/courses for the public and healthcare professionals. These includes 
1. First Aid for Snakebite Course FACS 
2. Snake Bite Envenoming Management SEM 
3. Marine Envenoming & Poisoning MEP
4. ASEAN Marine Animals & Snake Envenoming Management AMSEM

RECS@MST educational program is conducted several times a year either by RECS@MST or via collaboration with various organisations/institutions.

Interested parties or individuals who wish to organise SEM / MEP or to invite RECS consultants to conduct Continuous Medical Education CME seminars or public awareness programs/talks, please


Ms. Cecily Fourier
Program Manager

+60 19 770 2454